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Welcome to Zip Click N Save, Local Savings and Business Directory on CD

Zip the Advertising Superhero Zip Click N Save is a Multi-purpose benefit CD containing many advantages for consumers to plan life’s day to day events. Within each CD you will find not only a local business directory but also a national business directory that is growing with each edition. Savings offers for the consumers abound with re-printable coupons from local and national companies. The shelf life of four months makes our advertisers offers available to consumers with an abundance of savings on a daily to monthly basis. Plus having your own CD makes the offers always available when you need it, not when the direct mail campaign or newspapers decide you need it.

Zip Click N Save does not require an Internet connection and since personal data is not sought after or needed to make use of the CD, both spyware and spam are eliminated. With just the use of the CD alone, the development of the business-consumer relationship is achieved with business owners providing their contact info, their savings offers and for those businesses who opt to participate in the Zip Association, an editorial advertisement which enables them to let the consumer learn more about their company in our Merchants View “News you can use” section.

In addition to savings offers, we have localized event listings for your entertainment planning, promotions and editorial advertisements all which make for a great opportunity to visit one CD to find a lot. And if you are relocating or traveling, you can take advantage of offers throughout the country from all different types of companies that have their listings on our CD.

Zip the Advertising SuperheroOur goal was to provide a green alternative to traditional coupon collecting with printing of favorite coupons on demand, only use what you print!

Paper ads and coupons for newspapers and direct mail are way over printed and unused as illustrated by the trash containers on a day to day basis. This truly affects the ultimate cost of all advertised products and services to consumers. Ink, paper, the energy to run the presses and plants and of course all the trees utilized for the publishing of mass amounts of coupons truly are wasted when we see our waste bins virtually filled with what most now consider to be junk mail coupon ads.

Since our consumers print out their own coupon offers, we narrow down these expenses to what really is being used that is wanted by each consumer. With your use of our CD, we all will be helping to eliminate a burden that junk mail has on our landfills and the aggravation on our part in receiving this unsolicited information.

The inaugural edition is now out with over 1600 business listings in 38 states. To find out how to get a CD or to get more information on our events/business advertising programs, contact our office or look here on our website for our reseller listings menu for the organization and business reseller listings that sell the CD’s or contact a Zip Agent whom can assist you with obtaining CD’s or events/advertising information.

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